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  • Posting Presets / Get all presets

    This forum is for posting your presets for MilkDrop.

    We generally post the presets like this:

    Krash - Digital Flame

    (Author name - Name Of Preset)

    If you do a different version of your preset please call it a different name so we know what you are referring too. Either a whole different preset name or we normally have brackets at the end of the name like:

    Studio Music - Take Your Pick (Remix)

    We welcome mods of the presets here but please acknowledge the authors original work. Normally written like:

    Rovastar & Bmelgren - Organic Rainbow

    We try and get a standard of the remixer first with the ampersand in between. This is what they are all like on the website and a standard that is sensible to continue using.

    All the presets are available at So go here to download them all (see my sig for a rough estimate of how many there are). You will need the latest version and but all those details are on the website.

    If for any reason you do not wish for me to add them to the website. Then please state this when you post and it will not be added.


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