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    Yeah, my tutorials are pretty out of date now. I worte them for v1.0, I think, so there's been some features added in since then.

    Idiot, FYI, the multiple centers of rotation first appeared in my two "War Machine" Presets. This was quickly followed by some collaborative efforts producing "Indecisive Mosaic" (Which is still one of the most gorgeous presets, IMO). Shortly after, Rova modded the code and produced "Cerebral Demons" - Which he uses to plug milkdrop when he gets the chance =]

    The actual multiple centers of rotation code is pretty simple:

    - From War Machine (Shifting Complexity) -
    per_pixel_1=cx = ((0&(x*q2-0.5))+0.5)*q3;
    per_pixel_2=cy = ((0&(y*q4-0.5))+0.5)*q5;

    q2 is the number of centers horizontally
    q4 is the number of centers vertically
    q3 and q4 are half of q1 and q2 respectively (calculated that way to cut down on the number of operations - using ...*q2*0.5 would have worked fine)

    q2 and q4 can be set to fixed numbers (Indecisive Mosaic, Cerebral Demons), to whole values (War Machine Shifting Complexity), or to oscillating values (I made one, but I can't remember it now). It's also possible to add offsets to change where the centers of rotation are "centered" on the screen (Indecisive Netting)

    Have fun putting the tute together - I look forward to reading it =]

    - Krash
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      I don't think I'll have much fun, But it will be a challenge

      I'll get to work when I get home from school (around 7/8 hours )


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        hehe krash plugging MD well someone has too.

        Also ANd I cannot remember exactly as not at home at the moment.

        If you take the line
        cx = ((0&(x*a-b))+b/10)*a/20;
        where a = the amount of circles and b is the 'offset' value. If you use a forumla like above (I think it is that...(a any number above 2 andb below 1 I think..) The centers of rotation will remain 'static' and the is no 'drift' across teh screen. They are more symeticial.
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          Rova, Bang on your keyboard a few times j/k

          Thanks for the extra stuff.. I'll get to work as soon as im done w/ my homework (damn you Mr. Bond and you 3 chapters/ night homework )


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            Uhh...I like the files, but unfortunatly, I have no clue as to how to use them. Perhaps an example as to how it would be used might be included. yeah...oh, and hi.


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              Seems this little project of mine will never be finished. I sort of forgot about it, but now these forums have hardly any activity. Maybe if interest picks up again, I'll start it back up.


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                Please finish ryan! I just finally upgraded my computer to the point that I can use Milkdrop fullscreen beautifully, and I'm also taking some college math classes and can actually begin to grasp some of the programming and math that encompasses the presets and art/math/fractals behind all this! Heck, I even registered to the forums just to post and ask you and learn more I'm so intrigued now. I'm game, please let me learn more!


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                  Byte, I am in a very similar situation to you. I have just started making some basic presets, though i feel i am here a few years too late.

                  Anyways, this is a registration of interest - ryan: start it up again!


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                    It's funny how when I posted all this I was in highschool. And now I've been out for a year.

                    Time flies.

                    If anyone wants the tutorials I made just post here and I'll email them to you.

                    edit: Actually, they've been lost over the years.

                    edit 2: 5 years, holy shit. I didn't realise it was that long.


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                      If anyone wants the tutorials I made just post here and I'll email them to you.

                      edit: Actually, they've been lost over the years.
                      If they should turn up again I'd love a copy.

                      clancy_s at


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                        Time does fly, doesn't it..
                        What do you wish for?


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                          Cool I look forward to it I might do some work on the tutorial myself. They are in need of an update. It has been a year I think


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                            I've got a partial tutioral i was working on for the beta, I would donate that to the cause, its no where near done but theres some good stuff in there


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                              Originally posted by Clancy
                              If they should turn up again I'd love a copy.

                              clancy_s at
                              Sorry dude. Unless anyone else has them, they're gone. I haven't used milkdrop in a few years (at least to make a preset)

                              I can't use it now, unless there is a nix port.


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                                Originally posted by ryan
                                unless there is a nix port.
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