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1.03 vs. 1.04

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  • 1.03 vs. 1.04

    Milk Drop 1.03 vs. 1.04...i'm a novice at this...installed 1.03, no problem...didn't even 'save' and install later..went right to open, great...the best..had to configure to 800x600..went to go..installed DirectX 9.0b still nope..went back to 1.03, ok..had to readjust to 800x600, got a warning at first about DirectX and various things suggested to help 1.04 go..tried 'opening' without saving and saved and longer can find the uninstall under Winamp or in 'Add Remove', suggest not going to least if you're a novice...1.03 works good though...i have Syntrillium's Snoqualmie and Kaleidescope and they're great but Milk Drop is free , infinite and expressions so creative, endless...thanks

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    I'm having trouble understanding exactly what the problem is from your post. Could you ask again, in complete sentences this time?

    - Krash
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      1.04 vs. 1.03

      1.03 works fine...1.04 won't work..i have Windows 2000 Professional..that's it..i got an error message or some type of message after installing 1.04 telling me to reboot to solve the problem and also telling me perhaps it's a DirectX problem..i installed DirectX 9.0b..i downloaded and installed 1.04 from a saved file..i uninstalled 1.04 via Winamp's uninstaller not using Add / Remove..i downloaded 1.04 again and installed from the download window by clicking 'open'..anyhoo, installing 1.04 doesn't work for me..i installed 1.03 first i got a message about window size and how an adjustment needed to be made in order for the 1.03 to fill the screen..i got that message twice..i think that may have come because i installed DirectX, the Milk Drop 1.03 works problem..i don't need to go to 1.04..i don't think i'll want to ever uninstall 'Milk Drop' ... it's the ultimate Screen gizmo to accompany tunes..just so dynamic..Syntrillium's Snoqualmie and Kaleidescope i'll use when i don't have the tunes on..i don't need to find the Milk Drop uninstall but it did disappear when i was trying to put in 1.04..i hope these are complete sentences or close enough to give you the picture..i don't need 1.04 and just wanted to let others know not to be shocked if 1.04 doesn't take..i have Athlon 1.4ghz with 760ram...thanks


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        What graphics card?
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          Re: 1.04 vs. 1.03

          Originally posted by jcjs33jcjs
          i don't need to go to 1.04
          Oh don't you?

          - Krash
          Eighty-three percent of all statistical quotes are made up on the spot.


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            1.04 etc.

            gonna stay away from 1.04 because i'm scared to mess anymore...Krash, thanks for the help and the 1.04 picture...i'm envious...a friend who just installed 1.04 said it's better than 1.03...i love Geiss's site...lots of pictures, links to sites he likes and 'Monkey', 'Smoke' and other downloads...couldn't get 'Drempels' or 'Geiss 4.24' but will try 'Smoke' and 'Monkey' glad i ran into 'Milk Drop' while messing around on the Tech TV site...take care


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              YOu wouldnt happen to be using a Voodoo card, now would you?


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                1.03 vs. 1.04

                nope..i tried 'Smoke' and the others on Geiss's site and nothing to compare with 1.03 Milk Drop...i tried 32 bit color and 24 bit and 16 bit...uninstallling and reinstalls...i'm not going to mess with it anymore...doesn't seem to tax the CPU at all etc...i'm a novice and if something doesn't intuitively work i ain't going to research further...i use the puter for emails , informantion and music...i've had enough crashing my system and this '2000 Professional' a friend installed has been so good i ain't going to mess anymore...i find 1.03 astounding and it works fine...not much flickering etc....when 1.05 comes i may try it...i have an 'All In Wonder Pro Card' i got a few years ago...DirectX 9.0b...Athlon 1.4ghz, 80gigs storage with 50gigs free...760ram...Avant and IE with Outlook, Outlook Express and Incredimail...SoundBlaster...seems a nice solid, fun system...has no trouble showing movies...i'd rather stay away from 1.04...granted it may be better than 1.03 but 1.03 is plenty great for now...endless, enjoyable, meditative, space out tool...and i love my Syntrillium 'Snolqualmie' and 'Kaleidescope' for when no tunes...pretty sure if i were computer savvy i'd have no problem with 1.04 but it's not that important...maybe 1.04 favors XP and i don't care for XP compared to this '2000 Professional'...thanks though and have a good one


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                  Please, please use fullstops. And put lines between your paragraphs!

                  See how much easier this is to read?

                  By the way you say you have an All-In-Wonder card, do you know what type it is? You can check by going to the desktop properties, then going to settings, it should say "xxx monitor on y", where y would be your video card.

                  Try downloading the latest drivers, and see if that helps...


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                    not into it...don't tell me how to write...john


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                      3D Rage PRO PCI..8MB..jcjs