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Fixed Milkdrop 1.04 multimon

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  • Fixed Milkdrop 1.04 multimon

    Hey all.

    I, like many here, use a dual-head video card and want to use milkdrop with both. With the release of the source code I've been able to fix..(well maybe bodge would be a better word...) the fact that milkdrop only ever uses the primary monitor.

    Now, to the best of my knowledge I'm fufilling the license by not trying to claim milkdrop as my own work , but if I need to do more would someone please let me know..I just want to share the bugfix really, especially to those without the option to compile their own.

    So here it is:

    Dump it in your plugin's folder, and it'll share the existing ini files etc. It just adds 3 extra ini settings which the official milkdrop should just ignore.

    I was right about the cause of the bug, milkdrop used the device identifier GUID that Direct3D provides. However, this is a bit of a misnomer, as this value is only unique to combinations of chipset and driver, not adaptor instances. So sayeth MSDN: " a unique identifier for the driver and chip set pair."

    I could find no way of diferentiating unique identical adaptors, so decided to identify them not by GUID, but by the order that they are reported by Windows. This will work fine as long as the order doesn't change. Realistically, this shouldn't happen unless you change the primary monitor or add another video card.

    It's not a bullet-proof solution, but it works for me, and I hope you find it useful. I'll post my source patch at some point once I've cleaned it up. It's not complex at all, the real pain was getting it to build under Visual C++ 2003. Oh well, it was an educational evening if nothing else Working out why Mr Geiss's dynamic recompilation was crashing was somewhat hair-raising, to say the least.

    Oh yes I forgot, standard disclaimer: This is just a random build of a bugfix I made. I'm sharing it with everyone with no guarentee as to its stability etc. It may eat you and/or your children. You have been warned, use at your own risk.

    - Jamie

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    As promised, here's the patch:

    Just to clarify, this patch is for virgin Milkdrop 1.04b sources, as linked to from
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      er, actually, multimonitor is not really broken. Phat and I have used it to do visualizations at a couple of parties. The trick is that in dual head mode, the 2nd window for VJ control is placed on the SAME monitor that is fullscreen, so basically it's behind milkdrop.

      Here's the fix...

      1- drag the windows start menu bar to your 2nd monitor [i drag winamp too].

      2- Start milkdrop full screen in dual head mode.
      now that your start bar is on the 2nd monitor, you can see two instances for milkdrop listed [it may take 30sec or so for the 2nd one to show up].

      3- right click on the second milkdrop instance, and select "move". This will cause the mouse to pop onto the title bar of the "vj/text" window on the full screen milkdrop monitor.

      4- DO NOT move the mouse until you have clicked first. Once you click, you can drag the mouse over to your second monitor and it will drag the "vj/text" window with it.

      BOOYAH!! milkdrop 1.04 in properly working dual head mode. We figured this out a while ago, we've just been keepin it a bit secret =P sorry bout that....



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        A slightly less fiddley method I read many months back was just to switch the primary monitor in display settings, start the visualisation, and then switch it back. This fix just works like it's supposed to.


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          Cool I'll go through this later. Easy multimon support is what people have been after for a while.
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          Visuals - Morphyre


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            Thank you

            Thanks so much Jamie... Fixed a bothersome issue with what I thought was my ATI AIW 7500. Now it works like it should. Very cool, you're the man!


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              wait a minuit.... so thats the multi-mon problem i've been hearing about?? i've had vj mode with fullscreen on my tv, and vj console on my monitor since i started messing with milkdrop, if i knew thats what the problem was i could have helped out a while ago.
              i thought it had something to do with spaning the image across two screens(witch i seem to rember trying, and it not working{only on one of the screens})


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                Dude, thank you so much. Finally after two long years I can show the thousands of new presets the community has created for v1.04.

                many thanks.


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                  Re: Fixed Milkdrop 1.04 multimon

                  Originally posted by mr_jrt

                  So here it is:

                  Dump it in your plugin's folder, and it'll share the existing ini files etc. It just adds 3 extra ini settings which the official milkdrop should just ignore.
                  Simply put that file inside \winamp\plugins?


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                    No, that's just an 7zip-compressed archive file. The plugin is the .dll file inside the file. But, yes, just put the .dll file in the winamp/plugins directory.


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                      + All hail Jamie

                      Thanks a lot for a great fix. And no it hasn't eaten my kids - but then i don't have any; so perhaps if you do have beautiful offspring of your own beware...

                      moderators - could i request that a link is placed from the common faults pages to this fix or something similar of your own creation?



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                        It works great. Thanks Jaime.


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                          maybe im doing something wrong but this dosent work for me. im on a radeon x850pro. i did everything exactly ass you said. im using 1.04b i downloaded the patch fix and put it in the same place as the tweaked vers plugin. i went to select plugins and selected your version. restarted winamp. and still it dosent show up on my 2nd moniter. =(


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                            Will this switch my visualization to the second monitor?

                            Will this plugin fix allow me to view the milkdrop visualization on my second monitor only? I have a jukebox program that does not use winamp, but it does have dual monitor support. I am wondering how to get this to run full screen on the second monitor only, as the jukebox program takes up the entire first screen. I can use Winamp with the jukebox program by using the linein url. Thanks for any help fellas.

                            Freebox Jukebox Program Homesite


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                              I did get it to work

                              It took awhile for the download to show up in my visualizations folder. It worked like a champ! Thanks again man, it's the tits!