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sprites don't work in MilkDrop2 (incl. with winamp5.5)

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  • sprites don't work in MilkDrop2 (incl. with winamp5.5)

    sprites don't work in MilkDrop2 (incl. with winamp5.5)

    milk_img.ini and milk_msg.ini not found after install winamp 5.5

    - i delete folder C:\Program Files\Winamp after uninstall winamp 5.35
    - install winamp 5.5 (download from
    - everything work fines but custom messages and sprites seems don't work
    - i search C:\Program Files\Winamp for milk_img.ini and milk_msg.ini but not found
    - i click on 'Edit Sprite' and 'Edit Custom Message' (in MilkDrop 2 Configuration) but got messages
    error in ShellExecute
    i don't know what's wrong but i hope this information might help

    if need more information or anything i can help please contact
    msn [email protected]
    email [email protected]
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    hi there,

    do you have your original milk_img.ini and milk_msg.ini files?
    (i guess so)

    rename them to: milk2_img.ini and milk2_msg.ini
    an put them in the plugins directory.
    should be something like: "C:\Program Files\Winamp\plugins"

    there are actualy milk2_img.ini and milk2_msg.ini files in there after the installation. maybe the buttons havn't been updated to the new names.
    the syntax in the files hasn't been changes as far as I can tell. mean: evereythin that has worked with 1.04 does work with 2.0.
    except for this little issue:
    please, if you can, verify this issue or tell me, that it works for you.

    there is another thing...
    images specified in the milk2_img.ini file are relative to the winamp\plugins\milkdrop2\ directory.
    (an explanation is in the original milk2_img.ini)

    PS: I've just checked: the buttons try to open the old files, without the 2 in the name.


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      Milkdrop2 msg or sprites arent working for me

      Hi, I have thes ame problem. Windows XP SP2. Winamp 5.5.
      The milk2_img.ini and milk2_msg.ini are not installed and i click on 'Edit Sprite' and 'Edit Custom Message' (in MilkDrop 2 Configuration) but got messages

      error in ShellExecute

      I have tried renaming the milk2_img.ini to milk_img.ini with no success.

      What is strange is that I have edited the text in the ini and the msg is still diplayed with the old text!
      for instance 03 will show "Cheese" unedited. when I change Cheese to Hello.. and press F7 to reread. It STILL says cheese. Ive rebooted, looked for other milk*_msg.ini, REMOVED milk*_msg.ini but it STILL shows tha tsame text.. is this Hardcoded?
      Please help, this is driving me nuts.



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        please ignore the edit-bla buttons, they refer to the wrong file. in the initial 2.0 version. (is there a fix yet?)

        where are you looking for the files?
        they should bei in:
        c:/program files/winamp/plugins/
        at least in the same directory where the vis_milk2.dll is.
        try searching for the dll on your harddrive, maybe you find the ini-files along with it.
        I've checked it: when the msg.ini file is not present, there are no messages.
        so, yours has to be someware.


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          found it

          the milk_msg.txt was in (Hidden)
          c:\documents and settings\adminitsrator\Local Settings\Application Data\winamp\plugins\


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            very well.
            please do me a favour and verify this issue:
            This forum is for discussing troubleshooting and bugs about the MilkDrop plug-in for Winamp. Rules: 1) keep to the topic! 2) scan the forum before posting a message, to make sure no one else just posted the same thing; 3) make sure the title of yo

            just try any windings or other symbol font and check if you see symbols or letters.


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              Hey guys, sorry, that was a dumb bug - the two buttons on the config panel (edit sprites, edit custom images) were linked to the old (milkdrop 1) ini files, milk_msg and milk_img.ini.

              The next release of winamp will have MilkDrop 2.0a which fixes this - they'll open milk2_img and milk2_msg.ini.

              The version you have now, though, will work fine, just manually edit the milk2 files, they are there.

              ** NOTE that in milkdrop 2, the files are stored in your 'personal' plugins folder, not in the main one!:

              c:\documents and settings\<yourusername>\Local Settings\Application Data\winamp\plugins\


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                verrry good . Thanks you man .. !


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                  The advance user (es. Milkdrop) work fine only with administrator user.
                  Install inside an administrator user and run inside the some user.


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                    The advance settings (not user) (es. Milkdrop) work fine only with administrator user.
                    Install inside an administrator user and run inside the some user.