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    Haveing an issue when I use Desktop mode. Everything runs just fine, but my wallpaper flickers. As in the visualization flips to my wallpaper for a split second about every second or so. sometimes 1-3 times per second. Another way of putting it, is it flashes my wallpaper on my screen. Just like this Smilie blinking

    [Edit > Mod]Removed that huge report and uploaded it as a zipped .txt file instead

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    I'm not a geek but it looks like you're using some active wallpaper gadget

    \windows sidebar\gadgets\desktopwallpaperv1.3.3.0.gadget\wallpaper.dll

    and I'm not really surprised it competes with milkdrop for the desktop. Why don't you simply turn the crap off.


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      Keiichi2191: Please upload your reports in future as a .zip or at least .txt file.

      The thread was nearly impossible to read because of the length.
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        This also happens to me, whenever firefox renders a new webpage.. or if when i move my cursor on top of a window of trillion


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          @Nitorami -- i have no desktop gadgets running and i get the same issue

          Also, desktop icons do not show, in windows 7 x64... even if the option is selected.

          Also there is no right click context menu when in desktop mode...

          I dont know how the desktop mode works, but would it solve the problem to make the wallpaper a specific color then use MD as an overlay? Wasn't that an option in previous versions of MD?


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            I have the same problem when using the wallpaper-slideshow-option in Windows 7 (x86 Enterprise).


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              I've got the same problem here. I'm using Windows 7 too (x86 Ultimate) and it doesn't seem to make a difference if you have multiple (dia) or a single wallpaper selected. The Desktop is still seems to be active. However we need a fix for that!


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                Same problem for me. I'm using Windows 7 32bit. I removed the multiple backgrounds and it still is occurring.


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                  Originally Posted by xx13w7xx View Post
                  Also, desktop icons do not show, in windows 7 x64... even if the option is selected.

                  Also there is no right click context menu when in desktop mode...
                  it transpires that the desktop handling of the icons was completely disabled with MD2 on Vista and higher OSes due to stability issues and it won't work at all on 64-bit systems as the dll responsible for things is a 32-bit compile only. unless the underlying issues can be resolved (working out where the crash is and some means to do 32-to-64-bit ipc [i now it can be done but requires a bit more work]) then desktop mode is effectively going to remain cripppled.

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                    The problem is Windows Aero


                    I recently encountered this problem with Windows 7 (x64) and I found that the desktop flickering disappeared when I switched to a non-Aero theme like Windows 7 Basic. So if you can live with the different window borders and a static desktop on any other screens you are running then this runs fine.


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                      There is a way to cause Aero to be automatically be disabled only when you open WinAMP, and it re-enables itself when you close WinAMP.

                      Check out this post (<-- click) for directions.
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                        As an aside, make yourself familiar with "Windows Compatibility Mode"... Google it. You can a lot of the time get legacy software to run. I've had stuff I couldn't get to run on Vista light right up.


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                          From windows 8 onwards this bug came back.. I've made a fix by ignoring all desktop icons and recompiled milkdrop v2 dll file
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