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Full screen on secondary monitor milkdrop2

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  • Full screen on secondary monitor milkdrop2

    Hey guys I'm trying to figure out how to make milkdrop2 goto full screen on a secondary display.
    I tried playing with the DualHead menu but when I try to goto full screen it appears on the primary display.

    My graphics card is nVidia Quadro FX 880M.

    Please let me know if anyone else can get this to work.

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    I have an ati card under vista, but I think it should work on any system:

    Use your favourite text editor to open


    find the line that says


    change it to


    save and close. Now when you run MD full screen it should go to your secondary display. If you go fullscreen without the second display running it'll revert back to your primary monitor and your change will be overwritten back to


    to get it working again just repeat the fix


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      I HAVE THE ANSWER! Well at least it works for me. Here is what I did:

      Options>Visualization>Configure Plug In (To enter this screen you cannot have the Visualization tab open)

      Common Settings Tab>
      The changes you will make are in the Fullscreen Settings portion
      Display Adapter> In the drop down menu select 2. Then check Use Fake fullscreen mode

      Click the DualHead button (bottom right)
      On this screen there are two drop down menus. BOTH should be "span both screens"

      This worked for me and my setup. I hope this helps =)


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        Thank you both above. Being lazy I tried Platzformer's steps first. These worked for me.
        It is possible that this achieves the same as manually doing as it as per Clancy's notes ...
        checking ... yes the file is now in

        I guess the DualHead is for spanning two screens, have not tried it but sounds interesting.

        Oh and a tip - if you open some program that goes behind the milkdrop fullscreen monitor, use (Win key) (left or right arrow) to shift it sideways. Or for more options, have it selected in the taskbar and Alt-Space to open the little menu where you can move etc.

        Thank you Clancy and Platzformer.


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          Hey Platzformer,
          Your solution worked. I was working on putting a bunch of old computer components together including connecting a giant old TV screen as a secondary monitor. This was a basement computer build without even a computer case, but lots of fun stuff to connect. I wanted to control Winamp (and anything else) on a regular computer monitor while simultaneously using the big TV to show Milkdrop at the same time. Your solution worked like a charm. Thank you so very much. This helps to makes my basement a pretty fun place to be.
          Don't forget to live before you die.


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            Just Thanks

            You know how 99% of the time you look up info on a forum, use that info and then move on with your day?

            Here's my 1% of the time: Just wanted to say thanks to both @AusPanda & @Platzformer. It was Platz solution that worked for me, but thanks to Aus for the additional info. I tried @Clancy info given that I have an ATI card too, but no dice, searched all files in that directory. no joy.

            I registered to this forum after a decade of using Winamp just to make sure I said thanks....yup Milkdrop on 2nd monitor...means just that much...last time I tried this, Milkdrop didn't even have that preference menu. LOL


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              In reading your post, I noticed a grammar mistake on my post above it. "This helps to makes" lol. Should have been make.

              There's a lot of valuable stuff here on Winamp Forums if you are good at searching, and if not, people are usually pretty happy to give you a link to the answer if you post a question. A while back they used to shame people for not being able to find the needle in the haystack, but now they're better at directing you to the right spot, or answering the question on their own if it hasn't been covered before.

              I'm very thankful for the content here, and thankful that there's people going out of their way to say thanks. And the people that get the thanks are probably thankful that I'm thankful for you being thankful for them lol.
              Don't forget to live before you die.


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                Forgot how to do it again... But, again, Platzformer's suggestion saved me! You are awesome.
                Don't forget to live before you die.