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"Illegal Operation" error on Win 7

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  • "Illegal Operation" error on Win 7

    Hi all

    Just got a new PC and am using Windows 7 for the very first time. Installed Winamp and the MilkDrop plugin (as I love it) but it won't work. When I try to start it up, it says...

    Plug-in executed illegal operation. Restart of Winamp is recommended (2).

    Am stumped as to what's wrong. Can anyone help?


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    This probably won't help your problem but it's worth a shot: Try running winamp as administrator by right clicking the icon and choosing Run as Administrator from the menu.

    I always run it as Administrator as there are certain things that didn't work for me when I didn't. If I recall correctly, one of the problems was editing preset names within MilkDrop...I think.


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      Didn't work. Same error.


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        disappointed - no Milkdrop!

        I have the same "illegal" error message on my brand new Windows 7 Professional. Is there nothing I can do? I use the latest Winamp Lite. Video card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 520, with two BenQ G2420HDB monitors (that work as one virtual horizontal monitor). When I start Milkdrop, the left monitor shows a fullscreen blank Milkdrop screen, or an 'illegal' error, depending on the fullscreen setting. A strange thing is that although the configure screen finds the correct video card, the fullscreen-display mode is shown as "XRGB-8888 1024x768" and this setting comes back even when I change it to 1920x1080.



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          how to fix the milkdrop 1 ''illegal operation" error

          from what i have tried [W7 32bit/64bit], it appears that Milkdrop 1 versions of the plugin do NOT work in Winamp 5+ versions...i have seen a post to make Milkdrop 1 work in Winamp 3 [do a forum search to find it].
          therefore i uninstalled all of Winamp 5+ ....installed Winamp 2.70 from, then installed Milkdrop 1.04 and BOOM the Milkdrop 1 works again after many many attempts to make it work in the newer Winamp 5+.


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            It's not surprising that old stuff works with old stuff. Good for you if that rocks your boat. I prefer to not live in the past and I'm quite happy with the current versions of Winamp and Milkdrop. The forthcoming Radionomy versions of Winamp promise to be even better.
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              seriously, downgrading all the way back to v2.70 for an unsupported version of Milkdrop?

              and for the record, Milkdrop 1.04 was in Winamp 5.x until v5.5 when it was replaced with the updated Milkdrop v2.x release. so there is no reason to be using old Winamp and Milkdrop releases when most of the stability issues were resolved with them in all of the newer versions released.

              but seriously, v2.70 *shudders*
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                I'm just putting the solution to this problem with Milkdrop One and Windows 7 or 8 and the illegal operation in case somebody finds this thread looking for a fix. This is the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) not allowing this to run in whatever memory space it occupies. I just turned it off (the DEP) and I never looked back. You have to do it with BCDEDIT and set nx AlwaysOff (google it for the exact syntax).


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                  that is seriously a bad thing to do. the issue was fixed as part of Milkdrop 2 and there's no reason to keep using Milkdrop 1 (since it happily loads old and new presets) or doing some of the insane things people are doing to their systems to allow it to run.
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                    Originally Posted by geordietx View Post
                    I'm just putting the solution to this problem with Milkdrop One and Windows 7 or 8 ...
                    What you do with your computer is your choice and if it only affected you I won't care. However, to suggest that others totally disable DEP (and thus make it easier for successful virus and malware attacks and the possibility of having their computers become part of a botnet) borders on criminal behavior, imo! If you must, you could just disable DEP on an app by app basis (only until you get updated or alternate software), google for instructions on how to do that.

                    It's people like you that contribute to making the internet dangerous for the rest of us to use and force us (and OS vendors) to use more and more restrictive and burdensome security measures.
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                    Windows 11 Home 64-bit v22H2 desktop - Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system


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                      Except that you can't. Windows 7 won't let you add winamp.exe to the DEP exception list. So the previous comment is wrong. For me, at least.

                      Brand new system.


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                        there is no reason to make a dep exclusion if using a current milkdrop release and Win7 should allow you to add Winamp if absolutely needed. but if you're trying to use milkdrop 1.x (as is the only possible reason to even attempt such a thing) then you're on your own as support for that was dropped ~8 years ago.

                        and there is no need to bump multiple threads (including very old ones) with basically the same message being re-posted) for the same issue.
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