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Milkdrop + preset + linein = problem?

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  • Milkdrop + preset + linein = problem?

    Hi everybody,

    I am trying to use a source from line-in on my computer to "visualize it" with milkdrop.
    I plug the source in the line-in of my computer, i select source "linein://" from Open URL and it work correctly. i can see the equalizer follow the music; BUT the problem is milkdrop; not all preset work correctly with the line in. many effect simply stay black in the monitor, but many other work.


    i test it on 2 pc (running windowsxp) and winamp make the same problem.

    there is a way to use all mildrop preset with the line in?
    i search this problem in internet and i didn't found anything....

    thanks for the answer

    (sorry if u think that my english is not good...)

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    I cannot quite imagine that MD works for some presets and not for others. Try the attached test preset which shows three traces, bass, mid and treb. If you can see the rhythm, MD should work fine.
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      just today i'd tryed to use an older version of winamp (5.0) and i see that milkdrop run correctly with .milk file of winamp 5.621
      using the source linein:// it work!!

      i don't know how the new version has this problem, but i dont' care; my idea is to use winamp and a projector in a live dj-set. i will use the old winamp.

      anyway, my new winamp (v. 5.621) + milkdrop work never.
      if i open a song from my pc (then not using line-in) mildrop make the same black screen. This problem on my 2 pc (hp pavilion "1.6GHz 1GB RAM GPU Intel" and packardbell Intel dual core E2200 2 GB ram GPU nvidia Geforce G210 2GB)...

      with your .milk:

      simply doesn't work


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        BigDaD: switch to the en-us language pack and see if that makes a difference.

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          Originally Posted by DrO View Post
          BigDaD: switch to the en-us language pack and see if that makes a difference.

          it works!!!

          many thanks!