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  • no Scroll Lock button

    I don't have a Scroll Lock button on my computer. How do I re-assign this key in order to keep the current preset?

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    I think we had this question before and I seem to remember there was no practical solution. Try to google for it, it is not a winamp specific issue.

    A way around is either to connect an external keyboard, or to set the auto preset changing time to a high value in the vis config menu.


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      Thanks for the suggestions. I may have found a fix also. I accidentally pushed the "X" key, and it seems to lock/unlock the current preset. Even shows a little message on the screen. "locking preset"/"unlocking preset".


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        Odd, "X" is linked with the winamp play button for me


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          Yea, it's supposed to be a Play button. But when I double click on the Milkdrop screen after I run it to make it bigger, the X button functions as the lock/unlock button, even after making the window smaller again. If I don't double-click the window at all, it stays as the Play button.