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Winamp Milkdrop v2.x - Random button/mode on modern Winamp skin

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  • Winamp Milkdrop v2.x - Random button/mode on modern Winamp skin

    I seem to be having an issue that I could only find one related post on, but not recent and doesn't seem to yield any solutions for me and my version:

    I download the Winamp - lastest version - for Windows 7 64 bit. After installing, I attempted to mimic the settings I had on my Windows XP Winamp.
    I found that AVS isn't very compatible to Windows 7, so I stuck with the Milkdrop setting which was default. However, I noticed a particular behavior with it.

    It always starts with the Random option ON in the modern skin. Every time I turn it off, close Winamp, and restart it, it will always be on again.

    I also notice that unlike with AVS, the closing of the Winamp with the virtulization embedded in the skin will first "close" the virtulization first- then winamp. I am not sure if that is a normal behavior as with AVS plugin, the while things closes, and opens with virtulization window opened on next startup.

    Can anyone give any insight into what settings I need to adjust for the random function of Milkdrop to save/stick on next startup?

    FYI, i could be doing it wrong, but during the time Winamp is open, i did try pressing Scroll-Lock and S to save the random setting as off. Also, I did set the option for Milkdrop to not toggle the scroll-lock key every time i pressed the random button. That shouldn't affect anything and it didn't solve or cause my issue described.