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Troubleshooting Issues With Bugged, Saved Preset Mash-Ups

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  • Troubleshooting Issues With Bugged, Saved Preset Mash-Ups

    I'm running Milkdrop 2 in WinAMP 5.8.

    After deleting all of the presets I did not like, I mashed them up and saved the mash-ups with specific names. I then "upgrade(d) the preset's pixel shader version" to 4 since it seemed to improve the quality of the visualization, and moved all of my saved presets to a new directory. All of the saved preset mash-ups were loading fine until I moved them to a new directory; after I moved them, loading them would result in Milkdrop's image freezing until I loaded an unmash-upped preset. I then moved the presets back--no change. Pressing escape while one of the bugged presets is loaded freezes Milkdrop entirely.

    Can anyone help? I don't want to have to rebuild all of my mash-ups from scratch, and I don't want to encounter this issue again.

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    There is absolutely no reason to change running presets to shader version 4. It does not improve quality, it merely allows presets to use 1024 machine instructions insetad of 512 (or 64 with model 1). Which means it allows you to write more code. For presets which actually run with model 3 (and that is 99.999%), shader model 4 has no benefit; what is worse, it will crash on some video cards.
    I have no idea why your presets seem to run and then fail, but it is quite probably related to the model 4 bug. Suggest you use some simple batch processing tool to convert your presets back to 3. It's only lines 2,3, and 4 in the .milk files.