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visualizations for beat-less music?

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  • visualizations for beat-less music?

    hey all,
    been working on a project about connecting a music visualizer to a program called music mouse ( to a visualizer-- the program generates notes on an x-y axis, where x is harmonic and y is melodic. i ran an emulation of this program at the same time as winamps preinstalled various visualization plugins, but didn't find any sort of real satisfactory visual--most of them seemed to be running by themselves without any reaction to input from the line in. I've come to believe this is due to the non-beat based nature of the sounds generated by music mouse. does anyone have any advice on how to advance? ways to tweak plugins to be more helpful/presets that may capture the music more?
    thanks in advance.

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    Milkdrop reacts to variation in volume, so as long as your "music" is not a flat tone of constant volume, there should be some reaction.
    Check if your sound arrives in milkdrop at all. I myself had lots of problems with getting stereomix to work under windows 10 and f****** realtek drivers which have become so plug&play-smarty-farty that you completely lose overview what is going on when you changed one of the zillion options.
    I also remember a bug in winamp which caused exactly this issue, no beat reaction on music. Search this forum for more information.

    You may also consider to install the winamp community update version instead. It fixes a few bugs and is still under active development: