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questions about bass,mid,treb and value1 value2

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    Originally Posted by hatecubed View Post
    Well, as usual - I've learnt a lot from all everyone's posts!

    Starjunk, I know you said you'd like to focus on 'stock' for now (which I can understand) - plus, it would likely be more fulfilling to create and understand code based on the info & sample .milk from Nitorami - but I figured I should mention...

    WACUP (an ongoing project by one of the original Winamp devs) - check
    I suggest this as he has already fixed some long-standing Milkdrop bugs as part of the project. If you are interested, join in!; he would likely be able to fix the issue, or at a minimum, check the code and confirm if it's a possible/worthwhile/etc fix.
    Wow cool thank you Hatecubed for the invite! I'll definitely check it out! I appreciate the feedback and contributions to this thread.

    I'm not totally 100% committed to using stock so definitely if there is a fork with genuine effort behind it I'll be happy to contribute there in any way I can.