Been using Winamp since the 90s when it was first released. Never registered here, hi to all the admins

Was running some tests with linein:// and Milkdrop, looking at the existing presets to maybe author my own

I noticed something odd that I'm still investigating, downloaded the Milkdrop 2.25 CPP source and going through the code there to see if I can figure this out, I'm not very familiar with CPP so it might take me a while. I used the source linked to from this post

I noticed that if I use bass, mid or treb (or bass_att, mid_att, treb_att) that it seems to only respond to one of the two stereo channels.

if I use value1 or value2 they definitely do change independently of each other, so stereo sound is definitely making its way into those two variables, but when I use bass/mid/treb only one of the channels affects those values. I'm not sure if it's the left or right channel but it doesn't matter, you can test it yourself pretty easily.

Just wanted to be sure that I'm not misunderstanding how bass/mid/treb should work, they should change based the combined left and right channels downsampled together to mono, correct? it wouldn't make sense if they only reflected values of one of the two channels.

or is there a way to get bass/mid/left for either left or right channels?