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v1.0 is here!

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  • v1.0 is here!

    Yes, it's about fricking time.

    Download Geiss 2, v1.0, here:

    (note that this link will probably not be valid until around 6am eastern U.S. time, june 18.)


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    Cool Ryan, we knew you were around here somewhere!

    I'm obviously too early to download it (the link isn't up yet), but will check back here and post comments.

    Is Geiss II what you're planning to keep working on, or will there be some more development for MilkDrop or another vis?


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      Geiss 2 gets a break now (after a long run working on it). Now MilkDrop gets some improvements; then Smoke gets a major upgrade (made a *really* rad discovery there), and after that, I have a new plugin in the pipe that has a lot of potential... =)

      BTW, the site is up now.


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        Mouse steering is really cool. You should advertise that feature more prominently, rather than burry it in the documentation. Looking forward to new MilkDrop.


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          Cool nice to see you back with us again Ryan. I was beginning to wonder.
          "Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

          Visuals - Morphyre


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            nice work ryan!
            i especially like that 256 colors "nostalgia", makes it look more dirty =)
            the mouse steering is a little slow, tho.
            but much0 love from here...
            nothing better than smoking a blunt while watching geiss-plugins on my beamer =)
            keep on


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              I'm having very poor performance with geiss 2... about 10-20fps on a amd xp2200, 1gb of ram and a ti4400 128 geforce card...

              is it normal that you only can pick 256 colors?

              got the detonator 43.00 drivers on windows xp...


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                I can only pick up 256 colours on the resolution chooser as well (Voodoo3 PCI). I thought it was just my old video card, but maybe not...


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                  Im so glad to see this in a new version.
                  Ryan you are the man!

                  thanks for all your hard work


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                    I'm getting some pretty horrid performance with Geiss II as well. I've got a P4 3GHz, 512MB RAM, Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB DDR card under WinXP Pro SP1 and can only get around 21 FPS at any res over 1024x768. Even at 1024x768 I can only get around 30FPS (and I have the frame rate set at 70/unlimited). I'm only getting options for 256 colors also (not sure if that's how it's supposed to be), but at that color depth this plugin should be flying on my system. Both Geiss I and Milkdrop both run great, so I guess I'll have to stick with them until some bugs are fixed here.


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                      Odd I get 30 fps completely steady running on an Athlon 1.2 Ghz, 256mb ram, Geforce4 MX440 (64 mb, agp4x), running win2K Server. 1600x1200x32. (the 256 colour thing has gotta be a bug, as I clearly can see it is not 256 colours (even did a colour count with PSP and got > 12000 so it must be a bug)


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                        I guess I'm lucky. I'm getting 20 fps, but I'm running a 433mhz celeron machine with the ATI rage 128.


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                          Nice stuff!

                          Is there an option to disable the song titles that display on song changes? Couldn't find that one in the menu or the docu.

                          You are the man...


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                            [edit]Ignore me, I thought this was about Milkdrop


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                              so nice to see you back man, thanks for offering such a cool visualization; your hard work is very much appreciated!