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    I dont know how, this is mainly a request/idea. A head, 3dimensional/3dmesh, wireframe.... anything 3 dimensional. with different "swivel points" at the base of the neck mutlidirectional, at the base of the skull and chin, and in the top region of the head. Now the movements or "head bobs/twitches" would be desided on patterns in the music at different levels. example: for every base drum hint interval the head would base a random yet fluent movement in with the other portions, and for every guitar "twitch" or rift switch and do the same, so on so forth sometthing with frequencys i think... im dumb.. And this could take any pattern in the song, detect new beats over a series, constantly add new options and movements to the "head dance" making it every chaning.. i think it would be cool, with custom fog type backgrounds and borders, like pictur frames, wood crates, what ever yah know, basically skins? but not neseesary for function, just appeal. just and idea, think about it, once you do youl find yourself doing it and know what i mean.. peace.

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    sry for the CP, this would be a dedicate scientific experiment in flued motion in 3 dimensional models, taking gaming, 3d applications, and animated films beyond thier aspects today, im talking poly by poly "free motion range" creating anything you wish, a human face with thousands of muscles to show any emotion across the board in perfect detail and movement.

    im looking for serious people, people serious about helping with the planning all the way through execution. People with backgrounds in 3d modeling, animating and using the modern tools too do so. People willing to dedicate time and energy into hunting down information, studies of human movement, the human "architecture" and how it move together. things of this nature.. anyone interested? email : [email protected] thanks for any ideas and support.



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      The Boolean Doctor answers:
      Get yourself some decent beat detection code. Don't ask me, ain't got it.
      A long time ago there was a vis plugin called Angus. This was based around the AC/DC rock band. They danced and head-banged and played guitar alongside the music. Very funny indeed.