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Hmmmm ... dunno if this is a Bug !

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  • Hmmmm ... dunno if this is a Bug !


    first of all my config :
    • Monkey 1.02
    • Winamp 3 (latest)
    • Classic Vis Plugin
    • IBM ThinkPad T20 / PIII 700 / 128Megs RAM / Dx 9 / Savage IX 8Megs / W2K Pro / what else ?

    the thing is that If I run Monkey (ok highest frame rate is 20, but I love it ) and pause the playing by hitting C I got (after certain period of time) when I continue playback a 'frozen' Monkey display where the music continues ... Only thing left then is to Kill task (Monkey) by Taskmanager or 3rd party commandline util ...

    IIRC the behaviour was the same with Winamp 2.80 and the former Monkey versions


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    sounds like a buffer underrun. Try lower screen res and a higher rated 3d graphics card.


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      Oh well,

      Thanks for the reply !

      That leads me to another idea ... can always doublecheck on my Box at home (which is a bit better reagrding Hardware than my Notebook)

      Will do that as soon my family permits me some time on my Box

      Oh, btw. I am a bit limited with the Screen Resolution and Graphics adapter on that Notebook as you might understand

      Will post the results ...