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  • butt_goblin

    To create a video recording of a winamp visualization...
    you can use a program called FRAPS, which can record any video that is on your screen.

    An official free limited version is available for download at

    You can use that free version, or purchase the full software from them, or download a full version at

    To download the full version you must use BitTorrent software such as µTorrent, available for free at

    Search Google for a guide to using the BitTorrent network if you can't figure it out. Otherwise if the BitTorrent stuff is too complicated, just use the official download at

    As far as what visualization to use when playing the music, that's where Milkdrop comes in. It is probably the most well known and respected visualization plugin for Winamp. You can download it at

    Good luck!
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  • Taraxacum
    i don´t know anything of what you told me, no fraps nothing about milkdrops.
    It´s the monkey visualisation i hope to record, because my music is, so i think, the only one for this visualisation.
    I tryed some of applications like snagit and camtasia, but the quality of the recorded video is as bad as i would paint ist in MS Paint, it´s like a GIF with 3 colours.
    Ther are also aplications to record sound, playing at the soundcard, but this is a bad quality too.
    It must be a possiblity to record from the out of the graphiccard or a better way to get a qualtity shown at the monitor.

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  • redi jedi
    try fraps, should do the trick.

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  • Taraxacum
    started a topic Visualisation to video

    Visualisation to video


    is there anyone whon knows about recording a Song played with winamp, and !!!! recording the visualisation too?
    I need a demo-cd, with video and my music.
    Howcan i do this?
    Please help me.