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Fake full screen mode not working with Vista?

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  • Fake full screen mode not working with Vista?

    I've been unable to get the dual head fake full screen mode to work in Monkey1.2 under winamp 5.5 and Vista 32 on a Toshiba satelite A200/S01 with an ATI Mobility Radeon 2600HD with 512Mb of RAM.

    I'm wondering whether I'm making a basic error or if dual head fake full screen mode won't work with Vista.

    I have a TV set up as a secondary monitor, I want to run full screen visualisations on that. I have it set as an extended desktop, to the right of my primary laptop screen using the ATI control center rather than Vista's control panel. I can drag applications over to it, including the visualisation window, everything seems to be working OK.

    In Monkey 1.2 config I check the "use fake full screen" box. Dual head is setup to use the right screen for side by side monitors. Nevertheless when Monkey goes full screen it shows on the primary screen only. I've tried changing the dual head to use the left, top, bottom and both screens with the same result: full screen Monkey runs on the primary monitory only. "use fake full screen" has been selected all the time.

    So, have I missed out some vital step or is dual head fake full screen mode truly not working on my laptop?

    I have the same problem with Milkdrop. I was able to get around it by editing the milk2.ini file to change the adapter_devicename_fullscreen from =\\.\DISPLAY1 to =\\.\DISPLAY2. There is no monkey.ini file for monkey 1.2 and editing the .dat files is beyond me.

    I tried reverting to Monkey 1.0 which does have a monkey.ini file. It doesn't have any lines for adapter_devicename. I tried adding the ones from the milk2.ini file. Disappointingly but not surprisingly that didn't work.

    To compound the problem none of the user changes seem to save to the ini file. I can drag and resize the Monkey window to give something close to a full screen effect on the secondary monitor but those settings don't save - every time I restart Monkey the window comes up in the default position on the primary monitor. Resettting the window in the middle of a party would ruin the effect, so as it is Monkey is essentially unusable for me.

    So, does anyone have any ideas as to how I could get fake full screen mode working with my secondary monitor and / or get the position / size of the window saved so it's where I want it when Monkey opens?

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    I worked out what the problem is and can now make it a statement not a question: Fake Full Screen Mode will not work with Vista.

    The reason is that Vista does not support stretching of the desktop onto the second monitor. It does 'extend' which has much of the same functionality (side by side desktops, drag and drop etc between them) but the video card is handling each monitor seperately. So with 'extended desktop' windows sees the 2 monitors as 2 side by side desktops instead of one double width desktop.

    WinXP does extended, as well as stretched and clone, Vista does only extended and clone.

    FFS works by using half of the double width desktop you get with a stretched desktop, it doesn't do anything at all with an extended desktop.

    There's a workaround MD but I've found no way of getting Monkey to run full screen on the only the secondary monitor.