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Monkey Configurations won't save?

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  • Monkey Configurations won't save?

    Hi All,

    In Winamp, I do a Ctrl-P and go to "Configure" Monkey 1.02 but what ever changes I make, I click OK and return back to Configure, and no changes I made have been kept. Is there a workaround for this??

    I've tried on 2 different computers, one W10 laptop and the other a W7 with Geforce 980, all drivers up to date and DirectX looks okay on both computers. Whilst IN Monkey all the options work, but I cannot adjust resolution, sampling etc which is a shame as my laptop with an almost non existent graphics card does the same job as my Geforce 980

    I do realise that it's been an eternity since anyone has been to these threads for Monkey, I'm just hoping for a solution as I adore Monkey Visualiser, a superb bit of work Lord Geiss.

    Thanks in advance

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    If anyone else ever sees this post, the answer is to run WinAmp as Administrator.

    (So, to clarify for anyone who doesn't know how to do that > Close Winamp and everything else > Click on your Windows Orb (or start button, or whatever) and type Winamp > Right click on Winamp.exe and select "Run as Administrator"

    If that works favourably and you want it to forever run as administrator in the future, do as above but when right clicking, (instead of selecting Run as Administrator) select Properties > Compatability > tick the box to Run as Administrator > OK. )

    Hope that helps someone!