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trouble with monkey 1.01

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  • trouble with monkey 1.01

    Hi, fantastic work again Ryan by the way, keep it up!

    Looks and runs fantastic. However, with it running in desktop mode, if I move the mouse at all, then there's significant distortion/crackling/popping which spits out the speakers. I've updated to the latest nVidia reference drivers, and the SBLive! drivers, to no avail. I have a an Athlon AMD 1.2 w/ TNT2. I had thought the crackling with the card working too hard, but even if I reduce it to 1fps/slow animation the system still crackles at me. I have been running Drempels for yonks and it does not have the same issues, and more importantly it does not lag out the mouse response time, even though cpu loads are relatively equal on both applications?

    Thanks tho. Looking forward to Geiss II!