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  • Monkey 3-D Review

    Its cool. Thats an understatement.

    Red / Blue needs to be reversed though , as I think the red is supposed to cover the left eye. The plugin seems to do the effect in reverse. Actually a switching option would be great.

    I noticed a really cool color-flowing effect that i never saw happen in the non-beta. Its not like the colors in the textures that follow the walls. Its not there during the 3D effect. And its not the fog color changing. Something new. Cool though. More control over that effect, in different ways would be neet.

    Pressing A did something REALLY weird. I got to see the tunnels from the OUTSIDE this time. If this isnt new, then I mustve never pressed A before during Monkey. Heres a screenshot of what it looks like:
    Really weird lookin. I have no idea whats goin on. I like it though.

    Now Ive had this question burning in my mind since I first used Monkey. Are the tunnel shapes, numbers, sizes or any of that effected by the music? I know the speed and spinning of the camera is.

    If the tunnels are not effected by the music, I think they should be.
    From the monkey preview screenshots Ive seen on the Geiss website I can see that the tunnels are generated, apparently by the moving shapes that make up the layers of the tunnels. ok so thats a horrible description of what i think is happening but anyway, I think the shapes of the tunnels could be able to be generated so that say, soft slow music, would make the long smooth kinds of tunnels you see in Donkey. If the average tone of the sound is higher, the tunnels would be narrower. Deeper droning music would produce larger more open tunnels. Beats could produce the extrusions in the tunnel walls you see, and the faster and more up-beat the music gets, the more twisted and rough the tunnels get.

    The speed can still be a cool effect, espectially when added to the idea I list above. Flying fast through a maze of tunnels that are shaped by the music thats playing. That would be a real trip.

    ...anyone wanna break it up? I'll roll it.

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    whoops, stupid me...

    i relized, I apparently was hitting F6 to make that funky color-groove happen, after i was looking at it in 3D mode. Apparently thats what that Chromatix 3D view is or whatever. I think its cool even without the special glasses youd need to view them with.

    Anyway, back to killing brain cells...


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      holy cow. that's the coolest thing i've seen in a while. and the best part is i can play it as long and as often as i like . hehe i knew i'd need these glasses at some point in my life, thank goodnes i kept them. geiss you're a god. keep it coming. thanks