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No smooth but so beautiful ))

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  • No smooth but so beautiful ))

    Very kool thing the Desk mode )))
    i love it ))
    I put it with very slow movement and it make me a perfect changing wall paper ))

    BUT i hav a problem tha t i suppose is not at all dur to monkey but perhaps somene could help me )
    Well even in windowed mode where i've got 120 fps on monkey (a AMD 1600+/ Ti 4200)
    i have some glitches, it run very smmoth and stop evry 4 o 5 seconds
    as if there was not enough bandpass
    i presume its a APG or driver stetting, as i have this also on UT200" ))
    So if anyone could help me )) ==
    Thanx in advance )


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    how much RAM have you got? that could be the problem.


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      Well i have
      a athlon 1.4g
      abit kt7
      384Mo ram sd 133
      a TI 4200i 64mo leadtek

      i thonk aits about setting in bios or drivers....


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        I like my monkey rough.


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          I've noticed the pausing with Nullsoft Visualation Library (not AVS) it pauses for a slpit second as if there was a buffer under-run. I'm have 96 MB of ram running (at the time) Windows 2000. let me try it in XP... yeac it happens in there too. but it's erratic. it'll pause once every 5 seconds but some times it goes up to 30 seconds (one thing I've noticed it its a multiple of 5, 5-10-15-etc)


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            are you talking about Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen 2001

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              Try upgrading your ram. 96mb is stuff all.


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                Originally posted by axax

                384Mo ram sd 133
                means that he has in fact 3 bars with each 128 MB / PC 133
                If my french is not completely gone


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                  wait...there IS a Nullsoft Visualization Library--don't use it. IT is a predecessor to Tiny Fullscreen and AVS.
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