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monkey 1.02 issue

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  • monkey 1.02 issue

    Just dloaded 1.02 and have a problem that doesn't occur in 1.01. I think this is in the documentation but it doesnt seem right. What happens is that the camera POV seems to turn to face the wall vewry often. When I startup it faces forward and then kinda pans over to the wall. If I change a texture or something it skips back to normal and then pans over again.

    Pentium 3 1ghz
    Ram: 512 mb
    windows ME
    winamp 1.82
    geforce2 64mb

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    Mine does this too, though not frequently; I have to hit "r" to get it away from the wall.

    AMD XP1900
    512MB PC2100
    WinXP Pro SP1
    Winamp v2.81
    Geforce4 Ti4200


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      I would call this a glitch, I get it also, I went back to an old release because it happened every 2 to 3 seconds on mine and I found it annoying, it ruined the beauty of it.


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        yeh it was abit annoying good though!