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Problem pausing Smoke

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  • Problem pausing Smoke

    Just a small thing I hit upon when I paused Smoke while I went to answer the phone today.

    If you pause winamp (and hence smoke) for a long period when you press play again things go wacky (I think that's the offical term ).

    From the looks of how it returns to normal (while watching the tracers) it's because the smoke keeps accelerating constantly while paused and then works it's way towards returning the speed to normal when u unpause it.

    10 minutes pause causes about 4 seconds of problems, the longer the pause the longer it takes for smoke to sort itself out when u resume play.

    Here's 2 screenshots:

    They were both from resuming play after 20 minutes pause. The first is what it looks like almost immediatly after unpausing and the second take a little while to get to (and soon after it's completely sorted).

    This is with smoke 1.02 and it probably makes no difference but my system is:
    1GHz T-Bird
    256MB RAM
    GeForce2GTS 32MB
    and DirectX 8a
    Win98 (Not SE)

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    same problem here. But I do not have to pause winamp to achieve this.
    On my system it has also something to do with the settings in Smoke. Sometimes Smoke runs half an hour without problems, another time it only lasts 5 seconds till described effect.... My guess is that it has something to do with the Animation Speed and/or Particle population. Both settings are at maximum and Smoke lasts only for 5 seconds (100% reproduceable).. Maybe some other settings or something else is the cause, but I hope it helps.

    My system:
    Athlon 700 (...slow, yes I know)
    192MB RAM
    Kyro 2 with latest drivers
    DX 8.1
    Win2k Sp2

    tested with Smoke v1.02 and v1.03beta2


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      My settings are mostly defaults, only changes are:
      Windowed Grid Size - 96 by 72
      Force 1:1 ratio - OFF
      Population - Max
      Quality - Super High

      Oh, and I think it's safe to assume that it only happens when paused on my system, I've left it running overnight (accidentally) before and it's still working fine in the morning.