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Win2k prolems.

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  • Win2k prolems.

    I have windows 2000, an athlon xp running 1.4 ghz .768 gb of ram, an ati radeon 7500 and the sb audigy platinum. Both my keyboard and mouse are logitech wireless usb preipherials. I'm having a problem with input delays while using smoke 1.04 beta 1 (latest) in any seting configuration highest res and LOWEST RESOLUTION. Delays of keyboard input are up to 60 seconds sometimes, though usually around 10 - 15 seconds. Just thought that this might be the place to point this out. Emaill addy is [email protected]

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    Yep it is the right place to post this.

    Nothing has been post here for a while mind.

    Do the previous version of Smoke give you any hassle? WHat about Ryan's other plug-in MilkDrop?

    I presume that it is only Smoke (or maybe also MD) that is the problem it does not happen with anything else. I am correct?

    Post the Smoke debug file there may on the off chance be something useful in it.

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      Nope, have milkdrop

      I have milkdrop, and that runs great. Here's the debug file. I had a version of smoke from a while back but I overwrote it, so I'm not sure which version. But that one didn't have the issue. I'll go through the old versions and see where the bug appeared.
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        Find out what version it starts to go wrong and post back.
        "Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

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          can't dl 1.00 or 1.01

          I can't dl 1.00 or 1.01 it's not there on At least I know the bug is pre 1.02 because I just tried that to no avail....alas...The dream of fluid dynamics on my computer screen will remain a dream for now....::sighs:: It ran fine on my friend's win 98 machine so I think it may be win 2k.