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  • Tech Support: Read this first!

    Hi there,

    So you have problems with Smoke as that is why you are looking at this forum. First of a couple things:

    Download the latest version of Smoke (currently 1.05b) from:

    Read through Ryan's help file at:

    Look at the troubleshooting section.

    There are a couple of things that can cause problems with Smoke.


    There a many settings within Smoke so please try and narrow down the options to get it working.
    Try in all modes Full Screen and Windows.
    Try different Target FPS and Smoke characteristics. Your card may not be about to use current settings.

    Direct X

    You require at least version 7 of DirectX to run Smoke but the latest version if recommended.

    Run dxdiag.exe on your machine to find out what version you are running and run the basic tests there to see if it is all OK.

    Any problems at this stage you may need to reinstall.

    Latest version is 8.1

    Download it from
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    Maybe even reinstall Direct X because it could be corrupt.


    Generally try installing (or re-installing) the latest drivers for you card.

    You need a 3d card for Smoke but certain cards may have problems. Noticeably Voodoo 4/5 cards esp. under 2000/XP. There are problems with the drivers since 3dfx give up on the card - There are no official drivers. There are drivers at but we are unsure which ones (if any) work with Smoke. If you do find any that work then please post to these forums there are many here that will appreciate it.

    Ge-Force 3 Ti cards sometimes have a problems the 'latest' drivers. If you use an older version of the nVidia drivers this normally solves the problem.

    Winamp 3 Beta

    Smoke has not been fully configured to run on Winamp 3 Beta yet.

    You can copy the vis_milk.dll into the Winamp 3 plugin directory and it will work but the winamp keyboard shortcuts and the playlist will not work. Hopefully fixed in the next version.


    Ryan's other plug-in MilkDrop is similiar is internal design to Smoke and more is known about this. Also download this plug-in to see if you get similar problems. And if you do look on the MilkDrop forums where there is a more comprehensive Troubleshooting section.


    If the above does not help then search the rest of this forum for your problem. If you find it then add additional comments to that post with more details.

    If it is a new or different problem then please create a new post.

    When posting please give a detailed description of the problem and please post your system specifications (Operating System, Graphics Card and version of drivers used, CPU, Version of Smoke, etc)

    Also please attach a debug file to the post. Go to Smoke options and tick the debug file box and then the debug file is created at C:\s_debug.txt.

    And hopefully someone here can help you.

    "Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

    Visuals - Morphyre