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Super SLOW fps.

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  • Super SLOW fps.

    Er.. Why does it run so slow even when I have all the options as low as they will go.. Even at that I only get about 4fps.....

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    I noticed it was very slow on my K6-2 500 MHz. When I upgraded to my Athlon XP, I was getting a good FPS. What kind of prosessor do you have?


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      oops must have missed this on the first time around. I though that smoke had all changed on 1.04beta1 as you now have the target fps. Idiot, I hope you do not have this as low as it can go. LOL It goes down to 2. What is the point of that?

      It is recommended you have a decent-ish processor 800Mhz+ but I would have target fps would be just keep decreasing the mesh size until you get there.

      Idiot running it at a target fps of 60fps what fps do you get?
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        LOL When did I post this?
        Theres my snag =) 500 is all i got =/... At 60 lets see..

        .... 5 mins later...

        I dont have smoke installed anymore.. I guess it got lost in the format I did a few months back.