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    I downloaded the VMS sdk, followed instructions to the tee (by the way, nice detailed instructions, Ryan, those are always appreciated), installed it, everything compiled and linked but winamp 2.x/3.x will not list my plugin and report a directx8 error. I suspect the problem is due to the installation of the dx9 sdk and the VMS framework not being compatible. I couldn't find the dx8 sdk from MS and of course in the spirit the MS way of doing things, DX9 sdk is un-installable.

    What is my next step? Ryan, any plans to update the code to make use of DX9?

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    What version of visual studio where you using?
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      Hi there!

      I've got the same problem.
      Is there a way to get the example run with DX9?



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        Hello there again!

        Still, the MegaSDK doesn't work under MS VisualStudio 6.0 Enterprise when DirektX9 SDK is installed. And of course I got no idea how to change the DirectX initialization etc.

        But I took the MiniSDK to build an OpenGL-Visualization-Plugin. At least, I've already coded in OpenGL, so it was no prob at all to change the framework.

        This means by no way that I'm not interested in getting an extraordinary example of a well elaborated DirectX9 Visualization-Plugin-Example such as the first was, because the MiniSDK shows not many examples of what is already implemented in the WinampAPI. But such an example is less necessary at the moment

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          I have converted the SDK over to dx9. MS had quite a few changes (modifications and deletions) since dx8. I currently have it running under VisStudio 6.0. Drop me an email if you would like the base framework files.


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            Not looked at this for ages but cool.

            If you could email me I'll get it uploaded to the site in coming weeks/months.

            Rovastar *at* hotmail *dot* com
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              I'm interested in the directx 9 version . please PM or Email me!