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VMS debug problem ?

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  • VMS debug problem ?

    I'm working on a nice Vis-plugin using the VMS framework,
    and I'm having trouble getting a debug-version to show up in Winamp.

    When I compile a release-mode dll, it shows up nicely in the "Select plugin" dialog.

    When I compile it to a debug-dll, it won't show up in the dialog at all.
    I've tracked it down
    (by copying the release-configuration and setting-per-setting changing it towards debug-configuration)
    to the _DEBUG preprocessor-definition.
    (When this is defined it won't show up - otherwise it will)

    Anyone got any clues what might cause this..?

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    K, I found the problem.
    Maybe it's my config / installation-base,
    but when I link with the Release-version of d3dx8,
    there's no problem.

    Linking with d3dx8d - the debug version - somehow causes the plugin not to show up in Winamp.