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  • Error in the documentation

    This caused me a day or two of pure headache and high blood pressure.

    It's very difficult to take the project and convert it to visual studio .net and make it work in our build environment. It took all morning mucking with linker errors in some obscure mfc garbage to get it to link. But I got that solved.

    The next thing that gave me a heart attack is the meat of this post. My plugin would not appear in the list after all that grief of getting my dll in the first place. After much trial and error, it appears that the instructions of where to place vms_desktop.dll are incorrect. It specifies that it has to go in the plugins directory but in reality, it goes in the root winamp directory.

    Now I'm not sure if I set something up incorrectly or am unclear on something but I followed the directions to the letter... I am not pissed or anything because this project is light years better than the other sdks I was looking at using but I just wanted to hopefully help someone else who might be having the same problem I was.

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    Thanks for the info.

    The SDK is old now and I haven't looked at it for ages. days.

    Could you email/upload a full version that works with .net? This will help loads for everyone else and I'll make more of an effort to get the documentation up to speed.

    BTW what are you releasing any betas yet?
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      oh, oh please do upload that, it might help me figure out how update Milkdrop to .net, i was getting errors as well, did you have to put vms_desktop in the winamp dir to complile? or just to run(MD is getting errors on vms_desktop.dll,d3d8.dll, and libci.lib)