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3D DX9 algorithmic visualisation space game?

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  • 3D DX9 algorithmic visualisation space game?

    In this game, basically you would have control over a powerful graphics engine like Unreal3 with colorful particle and water effects.

    Instead of being a game with models, you would have a coding interface where you can decide the mathematical shapes of all the 3D objects,

    So that basically you would start floating in space, and then you would make a giant monster made of lots of snake like objects spiraling around in strange shapes with particles floating from it. Some giant planets and polyhedrons that you could cover with all kinds of different mathematical 3d shapes to replicate mountains and rivers, trees and psychedelic clouds, bitmap textures, and then you can fly or drive around the whole lot. You would define them with the best patterns you have in programs like AVS, except they would be much more precise like water is in modern games because of the engine.

    You'd basically have a spaceship to fly around all the things that you made/presets, except that when you shoot them, instead of blowing up or something, you shoot formulas at them, so that if you would hit the dragon for example it would start morphing into something else and its shape and movement would slowly change a little bit.

    If you shot one of the planets with a texture or a morphing algorithm, the entire radius around where you shot would grow strange objects with all kinds of wisps of colorful smokes and it would do spirals and whirlpools and so on defined by the mathematical equation.

    I would love to have a program like this; I think the important thing is to make it easy to navigate all the formulas that are used for single objects in a kind of open source environment. So that anyone can change the formulas and it is as accessible as possible.

    AVS is almost 10 years old, and since then has arrived completely graphics processor based rendering, which is about 10 times as powerful at maths as central processors.

    The latest consumer graphics cards have 360 gflops compares to the corduo duo that is at 30.

    It would be a cross between unreal engine and one of those strange space games and AVS I hope one day I will have enough money and programming skills to make it!

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    Yeah, but what does this have to do with AVS?

    moved to GD.


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      you might need an enormous development team to pull that off.

      and if you made it in openGL instead of directx it could be ported to run on other operating systems.


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        because it is about visualisation graphics and algorithms, and everyone in AVS knows a bit about visualisation and algorithms, but in the general discussion they are more likely to know about old boots and air guns, or whatever the latest is. No thanks.


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          yeah they're all morons in the gd.... all of them.

          /me runs

          please don't crosspost, i deleted your other thread. this doesn't really fit into any of the visualisation topics.

          i'll move your thread to the "other visualisations forum" in which i had to make the first thread first. you can be number 2.


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            B_w, then you should've posted this in the other visualizations forum (I suggest another move btw)

            Newer graphics cards are cool for the rendering, but if you want to renew AVS for creating this game, the user's code still will need to be read and evaluated by the program, which takes the most time and no graphics card can do that.
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