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How to use vis_plugins with external sound input?

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  • Clancy
    I'm short of time right now: search the forum for linein, there's posts on how to get winamp to run something from an audio line in.

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  • How to use vis_plugins with external sound input?


    i've wrote a visualization-plugin several years ago in purebasic ^^

    i would like to use it with a beamer at a party of my friend.

    now the problem is that the music doesnt come from my pc because my friend is a dj...

    so i would like to know if there is any chance to bring ANY vis_plugin to work with an external sound-input via line-in or mic?

    i can hear the music from my pc, coming from line-in, could winamp "hear" it too and provide the data for plugins?

    maybe with a special input_plugin?!?

    thx 4 help :-)