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  • open GL?

    Hallo everyone,

    I have just downloaded the winamp mega sdk. I have some questions about it. Is it possible to use OpenGL and GLUT instead of Direct3D and did anybody do this already? Maybe somebody has got some hints. How can I change the configuration to make the plugin use the souncard´s input instead of a music file? Thank you for any answers!


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    martin, i want to do the same thing, have you looked at the audio analysis routines and some of the data structures? I havent been able to make sense out of all of it.


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      Not now but maybe in March

      I did the same and tried to change the device from wave to line in but I failed. Actually I am a little bussy, cause of my studies... I will try again after 28th of February, at that time my last test is written YEAH. Maybe we can exchange our knowledge... Just mail or quote. I will when I have news.



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        hi @ll
        i know how to bind openGl with the winamp sdk, and more
        so if u want some help just mail me under [email protected]
        and check my new openGL plugin under :
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          See for a OpenGl basic open source document. BAsic and little documentation atm but it may be useful.
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            I got what you want

            Hi @ll
            If u want an opengl Source code for a visualisation plugin for winamp, then just come to and download the source code. It's free and You even get more then a sourcecode, You can even find out more about hardware multitexturing, vertexarray, lighning , and texturing effects.all done with openGL , and c++ classes , so u can implement your source code and more.
            have fun and cya @ll.