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  • iPod skipping songs

    I've had my 40gb 3g iPod for about a year....
    When I'm out jogging with it and have my iPod to shuffle all the songs currently in the playlist the iPod sometimes skips several songs (you can see how it goes through songs quickly without playling them. Sometimes it stops playing (sound disappears) in the middle of a song, but the transfer bar continues moving until the song is finished. When the next song starts playing the sound is back again (if it doesn't start skipping, that is).

    I suppose this isn't really normal iPod behaviour.. but has it got something to do with the ml_ipod plugin or is my iPod somehow messed up?

    I've tried to reset my iPod several times and re-synced it (using ml_ipod of course, since I hate iTunes).

    Has anyone else come across this problem?

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    yes, what worked for me is deleting the songs off the ipod and re-transfering them. It's like they didn't get there correctly.


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      Yea indeed... but I've tried that and it doesn't seem to help (only for a short while)... weird stuff.


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        Is it consistent? Do the same songs always skip or does the song always stop working in the same place?

        If it's not consistent, then it's most likely a hardware problem and I'd talk to Apple about replacing the thing.