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  • “Do Not Disconnect” question

    Great plug-in! I can't stand iTunes I plan to switch completely to Winamp/ml_ipod once I can get some things figured out.

    Is it normal for the iPod to display “Do Not Disconnect” the entire time it’s plugged in (when iTunes is off and Winamp/ml_ipod is running)?

    Will the iPod charge (via firewire) while “Do Not Disconnect” is being displayed?

    Like all iPods, my iPod screen displays “Do not Disconnect” while it’s looking for iTunes and while it's being updated via iTunes.

    I have set iTunes to NOT auto-start when the iPod is plugged in, and I’ve turned off both iTunesHelper.exe and iPodService.exe.

    When I attach the iPod, “Do not Disconnect” appears on the iPod screen and it doesn’t go away. I left it that way overnight and it still said “Do Not Disconnect” in the morning.

    The problem is that it appears that that the iPod does not charge during this time (I use the firewire). I’m still checking this out, but the battery was half dead this morning and I’m thinking that it’s due to the display being on all night (no backlight).

    The other weird thing is that it seems that Winamp/ml_ipod only recognize that there’s an iPod attached to the computer during the time that the “Do Not Disconnect” message appears on the screen.

    When I first installed this plug-in (and I was still running iTunes), I noticed that “my iPod” only appeared under “Devices” in the Winamp Media Library menu during the period of time that iTunes was updating the iPod and the iPod screen displayed “Do not Disconnect” (I also noticed that the iPod shows up as the L: drive on “My Computer” during this time).

    Once iTunes was done updating and the “Do not Disconnect” message disappeared from the iPod screen (and the iPod disappeared from My Computer as the L: drive), “my iPod” would also disappear from the “Devices” list in the Media Library.

    It seems like a catch 22... times 2.

    I can make the “Do not Disconnect” disappear by opening iTunes, letting it "update," and then turning it off, but then my iPod disappears from Winamp.

    If “Do not Disconnect” stays on, the iPod doesn't charge and it bugs me to disconnect it when the screen says “Do not Disconnect”.

    Please advise if this can be corrected.

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      There is no FM to R.

      Are you using 4 or 6 pin firewire?


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        I'm using the firewire that came with it. not sure if it's 4 or 6 pin.

        normally, it charges the iPod.

        do you need me to unbury it from behind the computer (pain) or is the number of pins really a key pirece on info?