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  • Cover flow.

    Hello. I've installed winamp ML plugin so that way I might be able to manage my ipod in my daily usage though after I had begun to use it and I added a few songs I noticed all of my album art and cover flow is missing when I use my ipod. Being that of a 120GB Classic. I've read allot of the fourms already and the solutions seem to be of no help. I have ran the restore album covers tool and still the device has no icons. I even intalled mp3tag software and they show that all the pictures are still tagged in the song files.

    I really don't wish to go back to itunes because their application almost demands that I sync everytime and storing all my songs on my hard drive is a space killer. I can add new songs to my ipod but they too don't display the album art. Is there a fix? Do I have to go back to itunes to fix my cover flow?

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    Check the settings from where ml_iPod gets the cover art and then check if your music library has these files (embedded in mp3 or as a folder.jpg)!
    Check the Wiki...
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