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ml_ipod doesn't synchronize since Winamp 5.58 (ipod Classic)

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  • ml_ipod doesn't synchronize since Winamp 5.58 (ipod Classic)

    Hello everybody,

    Firstly, thanks to the developers of this wonderful tool !

    My title summarize my problem

    Since the new version of Winamp, 5.58, and even the newest one 5.581, ml_ipod doesn't sync the ipod anymore.
    The ipod (Classic 80go) is recognized and operations such as format, cleaning can be done with ml_ipod, but not the synchronization, even sending song one by one is impossible.

    I've already formated the ipod into itunes, into winamp, reinstalled winamp but there is always the problem.

    The synchronization re operate only when the v5.57 series of winamp (or before) is installed...

    Is that a known bug ?

    I'm under Windows 7 x64

    Thanks in advance for replies.

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    Are you using the latest version of ml_iPod, 3.09?


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      Yes, I'm using the 3.09 version of ml_ipod, sorry to haven't precised it before.


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        I have 58 installed and it's working fine!
        iPod Classic Black 80GB
        Samsung Galaxy S


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          Thanks but it's very weird...


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            The problem with 5.581 is that you can't send playlists from winamp to the ipod from Send to to my ipod shuffle. But if you drag the playlist into the ipod the transfer will start but the playlist won't appear until you remove and connect the ipod again. I'll try to remove ml_ipod and install it again to see if that makes any difference.


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              Same problem. Tried ml_ipod and the regular ipod plugin, neither of them will transfer music to an ipod.


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                You are right Galileo2005 !

                You're method works ! Thanks !


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                  erOz - What "method" works? Are you just dealing with inconvenience of not having the playlist show up until the next time it's connect, or did you uninstall and reinstall the ml_ipod plugin to get things appearing in real-time?


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                    The method that works is to drag-and-drop the playlist form winmap's playlist to your ipod instead of right clicking on it and select "send to". The playlists directly appears in my ipod.

                    So drag-and-drop works.