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  • Paging Abu (CVS Access)

    Hi Abu,
    Long time no talk. I contributed a couple AudioScrobbler changes a million years ago, but you likely don't remember me. I don't know if you're around here too often lately, but I wanted to see if you were able to give me commit access to the project. If you're not building and releasing it anymore, perhaps admin access as well? There was a fix or two related to ml_ipod crashing while trying to detect iPhones that I wanted to add this weekend. If you need to talk to me personally before doing something like that, it's understandable. PM me and can pass along an AIM name or something to you.

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    abu = Last Activity: 12th April 2010 07:36 (just so you're aware)

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      sent you a PM...
      WinAmp Pro 5.5 with ml_iPod 3.10 + dev.patches (download it)
      ml_iPod documentation Wiki - ml_iPod FAQ - search ml_iPod forum - iPhone/iTouch - Found a bug?
      Donations to support the ml_iPod project can be done HERE