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Winamp won't run after installing

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  • Winamp won't run after installing

    I get some error message... It's some DDE problem with random numbers, I should have taken a screenshot of the error message but I don't think it would help out much. I got Windows 7, latest version of Winamp. I downloaded version 3.10 of ml_ipod. I'd just like to sync my Smart Views to my iPod Classic so that I can actually play some decent music without going through all the crappy stuff on my library. Help, please!

    Edit: I have the latest iTunes installed as well, could this be causing some kind of compatibility problem w/ Winamp and ml_ipod?

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    Originally Posted by ivand67 View Post
    Edit: I have the latest iTunes installed as well, could this be causing some kind of compatibility problem w/ Winamp and ml_ipod?
    Yes, it can. Even if itunes is not running, it has 2 processes running in the backround. So essentially you have two programs conflicting with each other. Older versions disabled these processes before ml_iPod ran, but this part was removed because some anti-virus programs reported it as a virus.

    You should shutdown these processes first. I don't remember the names, but I think they were easy to recognize. Or, search this forum gor them.


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      I uninstalled iTunes, fixed Winamp with a backup and reinstalled it. It ran fine without any problems. So I restarted my computer, now iTunes is gone completely, and installed ml_ipod again and I'm STILL getting the same error, unforunately

      This is what I get:

      DDE Server Window: winamp.exe - Application Error
      The instruction at 0x036f21c0 referenced memory at 0x036f21c0. The memory could not be written. Click on OK to terminate the program.

      *sad face*

      Help! I want a real iPod w/ smart playlists. This sucks. I don't want bloated iTunes and all of the crap that comes along with it...

      Edit: I just deleted every file on my Winamp folder after backing up the whole thing, reinstalled Winamp from scratch, installed the ml_iPod plugin and it still gives me that error message... I then uninstalled Winamp through the uninstall program, making sure to backup and delete all my settings as well from the AppData\Roaming\Winamp folder as well before actually uninstalling, then I reinstalled a blank Winamp, installed the ml_ipod plugin again and STILL I'm getting this message. Frustrating...


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        When you install ml_ipod, are you also installing audioscrobbler support> I have found that gen_audioscrobbler.dll crashes winamp on startup


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          Thank you njm...

          Winamp runs now and the plugin works, except now my entire iPod database seems to be corrupted and I can't play a single file! Yay!


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            I have the same problem, moving gen_audioscrobbler.dll doesnt help. I cant find any sort of uninstall information. Any ideas on what I can do to get winamp running again?


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              Sorry, moved the file again and this time it worked.