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song data not showing up in ipod

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  • song data not showing up in ipod


    I've been trying to get winamp to work with my ipod so I don't have to deal with itunes as well, but I'm having a lot of issues.

    With the ipod support that comes with winamp I couldn't even add a song to the ipod.. it would just say finding metadata and then crash.. so I downloaded ml_ipod.

    Now I can add songs to the ipod but the song data doesn't go along with them. So I get songs with no names and 0:00 lengths, which is about as good to me as not being able to add songs at all. The songs do play through the ipod, but appear as unknown track and artist, and due to the 0:00 length I can't fast forward or rewind.

    Another problem is that if I eject the ipod without having added or removed any songs, the ipod says there are no playlists on it. Once I reconnect it to the pc, add or remove a song and eject again, then all the playlists reappear.

    I would appreciate any help.
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