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ml_ipod - Playlist "Send To iPod" Stopped Working

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  • ml_ipod - Playlist "Send To iPod" Stopped Working

    I'm using 5.58 and ml_ipod latest.

    Previously, right clicking a playlist and choosing Send To iPod worked flawlessly - the playlist would be created on the iPod and the files would go (if necessary).

    Now, doing the same does not create the playlist and the files don't go ( ). Using the sync features works, however.

    I noticed it stopped working after I installed the standard Winamp pmp plugin for iPod (which I've since uninstalled because ml_ipod is better). When I do have the standard Winamp plugin, the Send To iPod works fine.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Thank you for making my life better and not forcing me to use iTunes!

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    As an update, I've reinstalled Winamp and ml_ipod completely from scratch (uninstalled+removed data, reinstalled).

    It still does not work.

    How strange.. could it be an iPod setting or something I've accidentally triggered?


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      I've restored an old, old backup that was working.

      It works.

      Is there any information I can provide you that might help provide why it stopped working?

      Anything I can do to help let me know.


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        Is your backup using a different version of Winamp? It sounds like just another thing that newer versions of Winamp changed enough that ml_ipod doesn't know how to deal.

        I just checked on my own install with 5.622, and sending a playlist over doesn't seem to be working for me either, but as you noted, using the Sync tab in the ipod config settings does send it over successfully.


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          there have not been any intentional changes made to break the playlists apis for legacy plug-ins like ml_ipod is (though i cannot remember what ml_ipod uses) and it is probably something simple - just like the encoder changes which ml_ipod doesn't work with newer Winamp's for aac due to being hard-coded to use a specific encoder from another deprecated plug-in.

          but that's all academic if there is no one to maintain / fix things and as no one seems to want to step up to do it, i think it's getting to the point where this sub-forum probably needs to be closed or set to read-only (will have to see if i can get a hold of abu to see what he says since he's not been around for over 13months now and still showing threads from a year ago on the same page pretty much points at where this is going).

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            It's sad. The plugin still works well enough for me and I use it every day, but I suppose you're right that the issues are sort of piling up at this point. If I had more time, and had a VS6 environment set up currently, I would consider offering to maintain, but I don't feel confident in volunteering the kind of time it might need. Not to mention my skills are far enough removed from that kind of thing that even basic changes take me forever.


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              Daz, you know though, I do kind of like having this forum open in that whenever there are workarounds or solutions to problems, it's nice to have a place where they can be mentioned. Without the forum, I would've spent a lot longer figuring out the "add back the old AAC encoder DLL" solution for the transcoding problem, for instance.


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                that's why i said setting it to a read-only state so it is still available as it's not going to make much difference if people cannot post, they seem to post elsewhere anyway and then the threads have to be moved into here.

                the main issue is people want to use it but no one with the time or means wants to work on it.and really there's so many things from what i understand with ml_ipod that would need to be re-done that it's not something i think anyone would really want to do. that's one of the reasons why the pmp_ipod happened instead of just re-shipping ml_ipod as the work to do unicode support, etc was just better off done from a clean slate.

                though it's more of a reflection that people just don't want to spend time coding for Winamp plug-ins when you can go off and do things like an android app and get money for it compared to everyone expecting a load of work and effort to be put into a free Winamp-based plug-in. ml_ipod probably made more on donations than most other plug-ins but that would have been based on things in the early days.

                overall, Winamp plug-in development has been dying for years and this is just another one of those plug-ins to basically bite the dust.

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                  Hi everybody, I'm back for a quick visit. And yes, you are all right, it is sad, but obviously inevitable... Too bad.
                  Personally, I still live with ml_iPod even on newest Winamp, but that only works as I have no new iDevice and I can live with all the things that should be fixed. Some features we added to ml_iPod are still so valuable to me that I could not make the switch to pmp_ipod yet. Maybe some day, I don't know.
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