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Changing Password for Scrobbling

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  • Changing Password for Scrobbling

    Hi everyone,

    I've been using ml_ipod for years now and its been perfect. But after the news that the website may have been compromised, I changed my password as they suggested. Now I need to change it in the ml_ipod/gen_audioscrobbler plugin too - but I cannot figure out how to do this! I've spent the last half hour going through all the settings, re-installed the plugin, re-installed winamp, but at no point did the dialogue box asking for my details come up! Its driving me crazy because I know its there somewhere, I just cant find it!

    I've tried to configure the gen_audioscrobbler plugin in Winamp itself, but that makes Winamp crash for some reason.

    What am I missing here?


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    the dialog won't show as there's a bug with the plug-in in how it works and that bug results in no settings dialog appearing and / or Winamp crashing when trying to access it.

    it might be possible to directly edit the password in the registry though i don't have any of the details to hand to attempt to work that out.

    otherwise you've either got to wait for an updated version of the plug-in to be released or use an alternative way of getting your played history from the ipod without using the plug-in.

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      I was hoping it was just me missing something obvious. I thought about editing the password directly but couldnt quite find where that would be.

      Ah, I'll see what to do then.

      Thanks for the info!


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        What I did was to install Winamp and ml_ipod with gen_audioscrobbler to a XP virtual machine, edit my password there, and then export the registry key to my Windows 7 box. Obnoxious, but it worked.


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          You could also try this:

          This is my own personal build that's currently working for me in Windows 7. No guarantees if it'll work out for you, but things seem good here. It's not suitable for inclusion in any real package, but if you just want to change your password it should work. You'll need to install the VC2010 Redistributable if you don't already have it.


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            An update, this version seems to be less stable. Sometimes it'll decide to stop scrobbling. It does work to change the password though, but I'd probably advise to switch back to the old DLL after changing the pass.