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Cover Flow: Select Albums?

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  • Cover Flow: Select Albums?

    I haven't used iTunes in years, but I seem to remember that it was possible to select which albums should appear in the Cover Flow. Is there any way to do this with ml_ipod?

    This is my situation. Aside from my single-artist CDs I have a lot of compilation CDs, very few of which I have transferred in their entirety to my iPod. I do have a lot of playlists though that have some tracks from these compilation CDs. So in Cover Flow all these compilation CDs from which only one or a few tracks are actually on my iPod are listed.

    It used to be that since these albums also appear in the Artists and Album lists, the only way to view a list of albums that were complete on my iPod was to use this 'filter' in iTunes.

    Is there any way to achieve the same results with ml_ipod?