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changing song => balance reset

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  • changing song => balance reset

    when I set the balance to smthg else than center, it is reset to center when the song changes

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    Which balance slider?
    The one in Windows Volume Control?
    Or the one in the Winamp main window?

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      balance bar

      I'm talking about the bar on the right of the volume control bar (green if centered, red if not)
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        sorry, that's winamp main window, precisely


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          Hmm . . . that shouldn't be happening.

          What file formats are you playing at the time?
          mp3, wav, midi, wma, cda, other, any/all?

          Installed any 3rd-party plugins?
          (input, output, dsp/fx, general purpose)

          Using WaveOut or DirectSound Output?
          (Winamp -> Prefs -> Plugins -> Output)

          Basic system specs?
          Windows OS and soundcard?

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            I'm playing mp3 and mp3/pro
            => plugin thomson mp3pro 1.0
            it's my only plugin and I never add and removed any other

            I use waveout output

            config :
            win2k sp2, soundblaster 128

            I think the pb is likely to disappear if I reinstall winamp so tell me if there is smthg you want me to test before, to help find the source of it


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              Tell me if the bug is in the 3rd-party MP3Pro plugin...

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                hardware config :
                my sound card is actually a creative sb audio pci (wdm) (I also have one included in my motherboard but don't use it)

                first, the pb has nothing to do with mp3pro plugin (occurs before I even install it) (nor with shuffle mode)

                this is how I install winamp :
                my install : 2.91 lite
                + only "audio file support" & "Extra audio..."
                no internet connexion

                this is the explanation of the pb, I tried to make it clearer :
                when the song changes, balance bar stays on the side but sound comes from both sides, until click on the bar as if to have winamp refresh its position

                1 first tries :
                deleting the ini file does not help
                reinstalling without uninstalling neither

                new install (uninstall + reinstall) => alright, problem solved
                change skin => still OK (may be obvious, but...)
                replace ini file with saved version that I keep to save config => pb appears
                pb probably comes from the saved ini file (attached)

                then :
                leave on 100% right balance

                then all my wave output is affected, including all sounds softwares (like video player)
                only sound from the right
                hence if I reinstall winamp,
                only sound on the right side
                in other words:
                balance position : left 100% => no sound
                center => 50% right, 0% left
                right 100% => 100% right, 0% left

                until I click on the balance bar in the volume control panel (it is centered, but act as if it was not) and everything goes back to normal

                conclusion :
                pb is solved for me as long as I do not use my old ini file
                maybe the answer is in it
                it has nothing to do with the mp3pro plugin
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                  Re: tests

                  I just wanted to know if this had been already fixed.

                  DJ Egg, did you reproduce this bug?


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                    No, I couldn't reproduce it.

                    According to lafrech, the problem was with the old winamp.ini file.
                    Looking back at it, there's no [Nullsoft MPEG Decoder] section, because he was using the shabby 3rd-party mp3pro plugin, and he's using WaveOut Output on a Win2k system when he should be using DirectSound Output instead.

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