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Winamp v5 rc10 bugs

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  • Winamp v5 rc10 bugs

    ...... I'm still having problems with the animation of the vis/video drawer: closing it from the top, the animation makes unstable the bottom of the main window (it seems to "decompose"). This one was present on rc8 but not in beta2 ..... I'm becoming not so sure that this bug will be solved.

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    WinXP Pro
    Celeron 950
    Winamp RC10

    I found a bug with this release. This happens with the Modern Skin. If have many audio files in my My Music folder, and all are in the Playlist(364). If i play the last song, and i exit, when i start Winamp again, i see in the Playlist Editor only the few last songs(i mean i see only the few songs from the end of the Playlist, which should been at the bottom of the list), and a black area. If i good remember, this didn't happened with rc8. Remember, this is a Modern Skin bug!


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      Uhh yeah guys there already a thread for winamp 5 bug reports.
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