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Bug: Playlist Blank on enque mult folders files

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  • Bug: Playlist Blank on enque mult folders files

    When I use play with winamp when right clicking files / folders from my Start menu music folder or from a folder in regular windows explorer the playlist shows a blank black screen %80 of the time. I do this with winamp closed. If winamp is already open and showing a playlist there is no problem. Rarely it is normal. Sometimes the same folder will show the files correctly sometimes it wont. The music files play normally, i mean they are all enqued and i can go forward and backwards in the list but I can't see them in the playlist. I completely uninstalled winamp 2x and then installed winamp 5.1 using default settings after i started having this problem, but this doesn't help. If I close winamp and reopen it from the start menu everything shows up correctly in the playlist from the last session that I added things to the blank playlist.
    I really like winamp 5 I don't think I will be going back to 2x. Thanks for all of everyone's hard work.


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    I am using the modern skin. It never does the above when using the classic skin. I have a p4 2.4gh homemade system. There are no crashes or bugs on my system. I have a geforce 3, audigy sound card, and 512mb ram.
    Thanks again


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      Right after I wrote this I realized I never erased the old 2x plugins and lo and behold one of them was doing it.
      Everything works perfectly.

      Thanks for Winamp goodness!
      Happy holidays