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Winamp 5.01 hangs on start on Win 98SE

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    Any time! Let me know if ya'll have any issues with Shareaza. I work their support forums among other things.

    I am running:
    • AOpen CDRW2440, Firmware 2.02 (24x10x40)
    • VIA KT133A Chipsets
    • VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller
    • Adaptec WINASPI v4.71, Alpha 2 (Rel. 20 Nov 2002)
    • Nero Burning ROM v6.0.0.11 (which installs a new disc detection handler)
    • Creative Labs Disc Detector v2.00 (I have tested with this disabled, same results.)

    Egg, I did reboot after installing the Sonic support when I originally did it, yes.
    No, I was not prompted to reboot at all. The application launched as soon as the registration box was closed.


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      So where's the fix????

      This problem was posted in February, it's now July. I just spent the better part of 3 days because of this before finding this thread. The problem is very real and is exactly as described: On at least some Windows 98SE systems, Winamp 5.x locks up the system on startup if both library and the Sonic rip/burn modules are installed (which, by default, they normally both are). The lockup is pretty serious, it screws up Windows, a restart is usually required, and can't always be started cleanly (e.g. you might have to turn off the power because you can't "shut down").

      The problem is really serious, I would have expected this to have been fixed by now, after 5 months, but it's not.

      In my view, the problem is serious enough that Winamp should disable the Sonic features by default when being installed on 98SE.

      In any case, this needs to be made a LOT more visible to people installing Winamp 5 under Windows 98SE (and perhaps 1st edition also).


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        I think the bug report forum is more useful for this thread now.
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          I have the same problem win WinME. I installed the ECS Card reader in my ECS K7V5A MoBo and WA locks up on startup. I disabled the card reader and it starts fine. Disabling the Sonic Plug-in didn't help, but removing it makes them co-exist. Is there another plug-in that is available to give me back the functionalities lost? I can't rip from CD anymore because my CDROM doesn't show up in the Media Library window.


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            The Sonic Engine doesn't need to be installed for Ripping Support (but does for Burning Support).
            All that's required for ripping is in_cdda.dll (the CD Input plugin) and wnaspi32.dll
            (requires "use sonic engine" to be unchecked in CD Ripping Prefs).

            I don't have the Sonic Engine installed, and ripping works perfectly ok for me...
            then again, I don't have the evil WinME, heh.

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              Interesting that you mention a card reader, BillStocker -- I assume you mean a CF-Card or SD-Card reader? I have a Lead Data 5-in-1 reader on one of my USB ports ... perhaps that is the root of the conflict?


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                I reinstalled the "Nullsoft CD/LineIn plug-in (CDDB2) v3.02 {IN_CDDA.DLL}" and it hangs up again. I have the "Use Sonic Engine when Possible" block unchecked on the plug-in and the "read audio data from CD's~~" block unchecked in ripping. Still hangs up. WinME is evil, but I am to lazy to pirate another OS.


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                  I agree the card reader is the root of evil, but is there a work around with WA?


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                    probably not yet -- but if we informed sonic, they may be able to update their software to work around the bug. i'm sure it has to do with the aspi layer communication with the cd drive.


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                      OK. Thanks for the info!


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                        Just an update to maybe help someone else...

                        I'm running WinME and had suffered the same lockups as described above. By unplugging my external USB card reader and shutting down its media detection system tray applet, Winamp starts ok.