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    Report ALL Winamp 5.06 bugs in THIS thread
    EXCEPT for any bugs that have to do with the Plugins INCLUDED with Winamp 5.06

    Provide the Following Information with every Report,
    and with every CONFIRMATION of someone else's report:

    Winamp 5.06 - clean install
    System specs (mobo, cpu, ram)
    OS, Including Service Packs
    Video Card, Video Card Drivers
    Sound Card, Sound Card Drivers
    DirectX version (start > run > dxdiag)

    Plus confirmation that the bug exists with NO 3rd-party plugins installed,
    and whether the bug occurs with the default modern and/or classic skin
    (3rd-party plugins & skins are NOT supported here).

    If applicable, send us Error Logs and/or Error Messages.

    The more information you provide US, the faster we can or will help you.
    eg. the format/extension of the filetypes you are loading/playing;
    a link to a zipped sample of a particular problem file, etc.

    Also, be sure to read other stickys first, especially:
    Known Winamp 5.0x Bugs
    Fixed Winamp 5.0x Bugs
    How to write a useful bug report

    *All versions of Winamp 5 not downloaded from the Nullsoft server are not supported

    Do NOT post requests for Technical Support in the Bug Reports forum.

    This thread is not a discussion thread. Post the reproducable bug and that is it!

    Incomplete reports/useless posts will be deleted (you have been warned)


    Maintained by Dazog and DJ Egg

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    BUG Report.

    Winamp 5.04 flips VP6.x videos and setting "Vertically flip Windows Media videos" in "Directshow decoder" doesnt work.
    5.03 behaves correctly.

    Video sample.

    System specs: AthlonXP 2600+, Asus A7V600, 512Mb DDR400 (Samsung), Creative GeForce 3 Ti200 (drivers from 56.56 to 61.77), onboard audio (SoundMAX Cadenza, drivers, HPT 372 IDE RAID controller with 2x Maxtor DiamondMax 80Gb drives, etc...

    OS: Windows XP SP1 with all updates. DirectX 9.0b (build 902)

    [Edit --> DJ Egg]
    Reproduced and reported
    [EDIT] NOT fixed in 5.05 [/EDIT]


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      Winamp 5.04 - clean (full) install
      P4 1800 Mhz (Asus P4B266)
      1GB RAM
      WinXP SP1
      Gainward Nvidia Geforce4 MX 440 (61.77)
      SB Audigy 2
      DirectX 9.0c

      1. Launch Winamp (in Modern Skin mode)
      2. Set Docked Toolbar top or bottom
      3. Exit Winamp (important!)
      4. Re-launch winamp
      5. Drag and drop a file into winamp (files will not load into winamp)
      6. undock winamp
      7. drop file into to winamp will work.
      8. Re-dock WinAmp
      9. drag and drop files WILL work.

      This bug has exist since at least 5.03

      [Edit --> DJ Egg]
      Reproduced and reported
      (fixed in 5.05)


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        Generate HTML Playlist bug

        The following is copied from the 5.03 bug thread with a slight edit due with new info:

        This might be a problem with Firefox but as other programs manage to open it without a problem I thought I'd post this here.
        Oh, and I apologise if this has been reported already.

        With Firefox as default browser, Misc -> Misc -> Generate HTML playlist will work fine if Firefox is already open. However, if no instance of Firefox is already open, "Generate HTML playlist" doesn't visibly do anything.
        Running firefox after having generated a HTML playlist with no firefox window previously open doesn't display the html playlist in a tab (used to in 5.03) but instead keeps a firefox.exe process running even after closing all firefox windows.

        Reproducable on my laptop and desktop machines.
        XP Pro
        Firefox 0.9.1 + Mouse gestures + TBE extensions.
        Litestep 0.24.7 RC3

        XP Pro
        Firefox 0.9.1 + Mouse gestures + TBE extensions.
        Explorer shell

        Like I said, could be a bug with Firefox, but opening pages in Firefox via other programs (mIRC, YzDock, Trillian etc) works fine.


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          URL Length is Insufficient in winamp streaming (~260 chars)

          I posted this elsewhere, here is the body. Please fix it in the next version.
          Thank you.

          Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!


          • #6
            jump to file

            Winamp: all versions
            OS: all operation systems
            System, video, sound... doesn't matter

            Jumptofile dialog can't search characters '\0x80'..'0xFF'. There is a function in winamp.exe, which convert strings to uppercase. This function deletes these chars from prompt before search.

            here you can download plugin-patch, that fixes this problem (1872 bytes)

            (jpg) winamp without this plugin
            (jpg) winamp with this plugin


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              A few left overs that don't seem to appear anywhere in the bug lists.

              Restore Playlist minimised.

              Still not completely fixed
              Open Playlist
              Minimise Winamp
              Restore Winamp
              Close Playlist
              Minimise Winamp
              Restore Winamp

              Playlist appears, Main window shows Playlist off.

              Hole in Playlist window when displaying an empty string.

              Only ever seen this with internet radio. Caused by missing stream title.
              A good solution would be to use the stream name as a default if stream title is empty (and the stream name is not already included).

              Problem with setting 'Launch audio CDs ... '

              'Launch audio CDs.. ' setting not always working.

              It's looking like Winamp can't create this entry in File Types, but can only modify an existing entry.

              There are a couple of other problems with pledit that I find annoying, not so much bugs as poor implementation. Still, very basic errors that look bad from a users point of view. I have a feeling these are due to the original design and probably can't be fixed without a lot of trouble.

              Playlist window can lock out the main window if it has a dialogue box open (e.g. Play URL)
              List handling after deleting a file is broken.
              Other minor Maximise/Minimise issues.

              Win2K SP4, Winamp 5.04_LITE, all bugs reproducible with no 3rd party plugins.



              • #8
                p4 2.6ghz
                windows xp
                geforce fx 5600
                winamp 5.04

                i like to use my winamp windows all separately so i choose to uncheck the "dock windows at..." setting under[ preferences > skins > modern skins > general ] and it will work until i close and re-open winamp at which point the windwos start sticking together when i move them around again. when i return to the menu the box is still unchecked and to fix it i simply re-check it and then uncheck it again but i have to do this every time i open winamp so it gets to be quite a hassle...

                [Edit --> DJ Egg]
                Previously known, but finally added to the Known Bugs list.


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                  VP6.x flipped video bug still exists in 5.05.


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                    Originally posted by Ebola
                    VP6.x flipped video bug still exists in 5.05.
                    Damn. Yes, so it does!

                    The example file in the post above still plays upside down.

                    I even reinstalled vp6.2 codecs just to make sure.

                    some text was here
                    previously reported personal issue with vp61 nsv playback = fixed

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                    • #11
                      'Bug' Report

                      Wianmp 5.05 will not stay on top of Internet Explorer in Fullscreen mode (F11).

                      Always stay on top is checked, This happens with a fresh installation of 5.05 using both the default classic and modern skins.

                      Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600), SP1
                      Internet Explorer version: 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633
                      Direct X version: 9.0b

                      This happens on my friends box too, so it's no a hardware issue. (i'm using intel+abit+ati, he's using amd+asus+nvidia)

                      [Edit --> DJ Egg]
                      Not a bug.
                      Prefs (Ctrl+P) > General Preferences
                      Uncheck "disable always on top when fullscreen apps are focused"


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                        Originally posted by DJ Egg
                        Damn. Yes, so it does!

                        The example file in the post above still plays upside down.

                        I even reinstalled vp6.2 codecs just to make sure.
                        Have you tried playing these videos with DirectX 9.0C installed?


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by ChaosBlizzard
                          Have you tried playing these videos with DirectX 9.0C installed?
                          What do you mean exactly?
                          Yes, I've got WinXP sp2 and DX9.0c installed.
                          I don't have any vp6 videos, just the sample one linked to above,
                          and it plays the right way round in WiMP9
                          but upside-down in Winamp 5.05 :/

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                          • #14
                            In the classic skin, there is a little red light that's supposed to show up when the buffering is running low, or when a stream is starting up for the first time.

                            This little red light is not lighting up. Instead, the green one flickers off and on, and the "unlit" red light gets darker instead of turning into the "lit" red light.

                            This is a fresh install.


                            • #15
                              @ eaglebtc
                              Been broken for a while now and is most likely related to your display properties.

                              Some work arounds :

                              a) Use 256 colour mode - not very useful, or maybe some other display setting - could be something simple.
                              b) Download the Basic skin as a plugin and use that - reccommended. (not sure where to get this at present)
                              c) Download any other skin and use that - also reccommended.
                              d) Direct hack on winamp.exe - your risk, needs to be re-done for each new version.